What does a Travel Agent actually do for YOU?!

What does a Travel Agent actually do for you?

I’m glad you asked! 

“She got you the package you wanted, but double the stuff, for less the money?”
— Actual Conversation about ME


I was having a conversation with my older brother the other day and he asked if he could give me some unsolicited advice. Normally this comes with a red flag warning. My brother isn’t afraid to share his opinions with reckless abandon, regardless of how it makes other people feel. His intentions are good and so is his insight, but the delivery is almost aggressive enough to make you want to rebel from the advice. A good friend of mine calls this being a ‘mean motivational speaker.’

So, I brace myself.

He says to me: “I’ve been thinking about your travel agent business. Being a new customer myself, I think you should share more about what a travel agent can do for a traveler and less about really beautiful destination photos. We’re all dreaming of getting out and exploring new places, but what I want to know is why should I use a travel agent instead of booking the trip on my own?”

So here is the inside scoop!

A recent conversation between a client and future client:
Client: “She got you the package you wanted, but double the stuff for less money?”
Future Client: “Yes!”

Let’s break that down.

Client, we will call him Mississippi, approaches me about his Honeymoon next spring. I’m stoked! He works with my husband in the military, so I already know a little about him and this love story, but now I get to ask all the details and it’s not weird because I am planning the Honeymoon! Swoon!! I love my job and THIS is why: helping with these special trips that folks will remember their whole life, is what lights me up inside!

I. Am. Planning. Their. Honeymoon!! Eeeeek!

As it turns out Mississippi is such a helpful and wonderful client! He already knows exactly what he wants. He’s done the research. He knows how much it costs. He knows what room he wants. And the Jamaican resort he chose is one of my favorites!! Win! Now I take all the information Mississippi has so graciously shared with me (please share details with your agent, it helps both of you!), I go about my wicked business, using thought and intention behind every detail, to combine together all the elements of this trip for a personalized package for Mississippi and his bride using my suppliers and contacts in the travel world.

My price for the Honeymoon that Mississippi has already researched, comes in $1k less than his, with all the same inclusions. He’s stoked, I’m stoked!

The Extras.

Now that I’ve found his dream honeymoon at a lower rate, I pick his brain a bit about why he chose Jamaica, and if he’s ever been there. This will be his first time! Great! This is where I shine! Why? Because I’ve sent loads of folks to Jamaica! I know exactly how to make this the epic and memorable honeymoon they deserve!

I’ve told you he’s already picked one of my favorite resorts, here’s why that benefits him: I have a working relationship with the staff. Mississippi and his bride will have a honeymoon ribbon across their resort room door when they arrive, they’re automatically VIP guests because they’re my folks, and they don’t know it yet but I personally arranged a few added amenities and surprises for them to enjoy! 

Not to mention, now I get to suggest awesome romantic things to do that will really create memories to last a lifetime. With the $1000 savings, we added a Luxury Sunset Sail on a catamaran complete with an open bar, hors d’oeuvres, and a stop at a snorkel and swim spot. How romantic?! When I did this, I  got to see the revered green flash as the sun sank below the horizon line. It was one of the coolest things that’s happened to me on the ocean and I hope they have an equally memorable experience.

That’s not all though! I upgraded them with private transportations because it was under $100 difference and wouldn’t you rather ride in a private car than a shared vehicle during your special trip? AND! We added Travel Protection with a Cancel Anytime clause because military life and COVID. Oh, and he still has a live link of additional excursion options and a list of recs from me to discuss with the fiancé in the meantime. If he chooses to book anything with that live link, I get a notification and immediately add it to their itinerary to keep all the finer details of their booking in one place. Fancy, right?

All those extras thrown in, plus the original flights, resort and transportation, were STILL less than what Mississippi was able to find online.

But wait, there’s more!

He also has a person to call at ANY point during this whole process. From now, to the moment he returns home, I’m available to answer any questions, or handle anything that may go awry, as things sometimes do on vacations. I am here to hold their hands as they navigate traveling during these ever-evolving COVID regulations. It’s my job to stay informed and ensure my travelers enjoy the most streamlined and stress-free experience possible.

I utilize my vast expertise and continued destination and supplier education to handcraft the perfect experience for you, at the right price, every single time. Booking with a person gets you the personal touches. I spend time getting to know my clients, what’s important to them, and what they’re looking for in a travel experience…and that makes all the difference. It’s what we mean by, the finer details included.

Thanks to my brother’s encouragement, I’m able to tell you exactly why you should book with a person. Because I care about you, your family and friends, and your travels.

So, where would you like to go next?  

Cheers to the Caribbean!! Photo by @abrodiabroad