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Hi! I’m Alexandra Broaddus, ‘Brodi’ for short. And just like that, A (for Alexandra) Brodi (the cutest nickname around) Abroad (self-explanatory, I think) was born!

My passion for travel started with my parents. They caught the Travel Bug on their honeymoon (bless their hearts) in Hawaii. They decided from that moment on that travel was something powerful and sacred and it must be shared with loved ones. As kids, we took family vacations locally. I grew up in Southern California (it’s important to note, I did NOT say So Cal, anyone that has ever lived there will never call it So Cal), so our summer vacation spots looked like: Tijuana (it was a lot easier back in those days), San Diego, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Dana Point, and Santa Barbara. As my brother and I got older, my parents broadened our travel horizons.

The sunrise on my 32nd trip around the sun!
From the top of a Volcano in Bali, Indonesia.
Photo by: @abrodiabroad

My favorite family trip, and probably the last one where we were all together, was 10 days spent in Australia. It was my older brother’s senior band trip, my parents went as chaperones, and I was lucky enough to not get left behind. I was forever changed.

I think Anthony Bourdain said it best when he said, “Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.” I love travel because every time I step outside of my comfort zone—my known reality—and into a different location with a different culture, I am exposed to something new. For me it’s shedding a layer of myself, protection maybe, and saying, “This is new to me, I don’t know this, please show me.” I love to meet new people, try new foods, and learn different customs and norms. It’s about opening myself up to being exposed to something authentic and wonderful. And then I get to share that with other people!

Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.

-Anthony Bourdain

Becoming a travel advisor and starting A Brodi Abroad seemed the obvious career path for me. My passions are to travel mindfully and to get people traveling mindfully. I seek off-the-beaten-path experiences that enrich my understanding of a location and then I use what I’ve learned to personally coordinate my clients’ excursions. When booking with me, your tourist dollars are being spent to better the communities they’re visiting and positively impacting the local environment. I take pride in being conscious of the effect travel has on destinations while simultaneously crafting meaningful trips for people who want to explore this world.

Puerto Rico Sunset. Photo Credit: @abrodiabroad

Contact me and tell me the next destination you want to explore!

Owner, Founder, CEO: Alexandra Broaddus

“This is how celebrities must feel.”

Theresa Miller
-Satisfied Customer after booking her Baby-moon

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